3D Metaverse with advanced economic and social systems. Users can get a new life, enjoy their playtime, work and have a business.

Mind Edges games
Welcome to a virtual city with a real economy. Not only players live around here, but also numerous AI simulations. You can become a successful entrepreneur, a passionate gamer or just make new friends!
Key features of the EDGE
We want to give the player a wide range of opportunities to live in our metaverse


Join an existing business or start your own. EDGE has a broad economic model that allows you to create long production chains. All this works in the open market of goods and services.
Play with your friends or make new ones in the world of EDGE. Unite according to common hobbies, create your cooperations and share experiences with other players.
The world of EDGE even turns work into exciting mini-games. But not only work gives you opportunities to have fun, you can also play games, take a hike in the mountains or race your car through the streets of the city.
We are working on something special:
Virtual characters who live their lives and participate in the economy of the city.
Land market
Purchase, sale and lease of land. Possibly, even build your own building.
Goods market
Everything you create can be sold on the free market to other players.
Parallel servers
Different city-servers are formed and developed thanks to the players.
Change your appearance, change your house, paint your car.
Players directly influence the political life of the server.
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